Twin Storm

Make every job site more profitable, productive, and efficient.

The Twinstorm Double Cannon Backpack blower’s patented design allows landscapers and maintenance crew to clean job sites faster than any other backpack blower by allowing the operator to hold a cannon in both hands. Through 3 simple techniques, the operator can seamlessly switch back and forth between both cannons’ combined power of 1,000+ CFM and each tube’s 165MPH of wind.

The Twinstorm can:

  • Save time and money by cutting job clearing times 25 – 60%
  • Increase profits by using less manpower
  • Increase revenues by completing more job sites in a day
  • Avoid backtracking by clearing a sidewalk or surface in one pass with one user
  • Make employees happier by finishing the day sooner

Backed by a 1-year parts and labor warranty.


The company’s corporate office is located at St. Petersburg, Florida.  We have full-time dedicated staff for customer service, training, and servicing. The Company owns its own tooling allowing us to produce replacement parts and assemble units here in the U.S. We are not reliant on China. Twinstorm uses an EPA-certified engine manufactured by Cifarelli, an Italian company making landscaping equipment since 1967. We own patents covering the Twinstorm in the U.S., Canada, Germany, Sweden, Australia, and the U.K.


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